How to get into your Home

Credit Card Lock Pick

When you are locked out here’s a method you can try. To do this method, you are obviously going to need a credit card. Try to choose a card that you don’t mind if it breaks such as an expired gift card. First of all, what you want to do is insert the chosen card between the door frame and the door where the latch is, Then hold the card perpendicular to the door and begin to wiggle the card side to side. While your pushing, start to bend the card the opposite way from the doorknob, this will slide the latch away from the door jam. If you do end up unlocking the door, call Out and About Locksmiths. You have just shown how easy it is to get into your home.

Remove the Door Knob

Most door knobs have the mounting screws hidden, but if you take a look closer at the door knob you will be able to see a small hole. Using a thin piece of metal or even a pin, insert the pin into the hole and start applying pressure. Keep pushing the pin and while your doing that start to twisting the door knob with your other hand until the door knob is removed.

Call a Locksmith

When all else fails, it may be time to throw in the towel and call a local locksmith. Out and About Locksmiths are perfect for getting into your locked home, call them on 0431 515 640.

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