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Every family wishes to live in a home that is safe and secured from any potential outside threats. Luckily in this modern age Technology is contributing to making our propertys safer and safer. Out and About Locksmiths is here to provide you with some level of detail of the various products on the market available to assist you and your family with protecting your home.

Internal and External Security Cameras

If your serious about your families safety and security you may wish to install bot internal and external security cameras. Most of the security cameras on the market today use a wireless connection to hook into a live camera feed, so you can view your home when your not even there. This allows you to catch any intruders by calling the police. At Out and About Locksmiths we believe it is a very good idea to install these cameras on both the inside and outside of your home.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarm systems are the best way to make an intruder run. These systems include an interactive control panel, motion sensors, door and window sensors as well as a sound box. The interactive control panel allows you to activate the system, once activated every sensor then a zone. When the alarm system detects movement or sound it will begin to emit a high decibel noise, alerting anyone nearby and hopefully scaring the burglar off. The benefits of owning such a system is that it is highly effective, I’m doubting an intruder is going stay around when they hear that alarm go off.

Keypad Lock

Keypad locks are a great way to help ensure your home security and even improve the look of your home. Key pad locks work by using a 3-4 digit pin code that you type in instead of using a key. This prevents criminals from picking the lock on your door. The main benefit of using such a lock obviously is that they are 100% pick proof. It’s also a very convenient system to have as you no longer need to worry about keys or losing a key and worrying about whose hands it has fallen into. This is why many businesses choose this technology to protect their assets.

The main drawback of using a keypad lock is the code can easily be given away to others. For example children or friends who have access to the code may tell others, giving them easy access to your home.

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