Tips For Keeping Car Keys Safe

lock in car Statistics say that 20% of car theft cases are because the car was left unlocked with the keys either in the ignition or on the seat. It is vital for the safety of your keys and car, that you always keep the car locked when not inside it. Always keep the keys on you or well-secured.

Out & About Locksmith Canberra take car locks and safety seriously. We have provided a few tips for you to stop opportunistic thieves from stealing your keys and most likely, your car:

What to do:

  • Remove keys from the ignition if your vehicle is parked or unattended. Even if you think you’ll only be gone a minute or two. That’s all it takes for someone to grab the opportunity.
  • Take your car keys with you if you are going out. Even if you aren’t taking your car and it is left at home.
  • Don’t leave car keys lying around on tables, benches, bedside tables or key hooks – keep them out of sight. Either on your person/in your bag that’s with you is the best option.
  • When parked in a garage, ensure both the garage and vehicle are locked and the garage door remotes (if applicable) are secured.
  • Always lock your vehicle including the boot and sunroof. Remember to fully close the windows. Even leaving the slightest crack open could be what makes a thief choose your car to steal.
  • Remove or place out of sight all valuable and personal documents. As easy as it is to just leave things on the seat next to you, it only takes a second. Someone sees the opportunity to steal.
  • Don’t hide spare keys on or around the vehicle – thieves know where to look. Keep your spare as far away as reasonably possible, even with another person.

We hope these few tips have given an insight on how to protect your car keys from being lost or stolen. In the event it does happen, the team at Out & About Locksmith Canberra will be happy to help you out, 24/7. Contact us now.