Safety Warning – Kids, Animals and Cars

dog looking out car window During the summer, we all like to get out and about and enjoy the nice weather. Enjoying it with our families and pets is even better. For whatever reason though, a growing number of incidents are occurring with dogs and children being left unattended in cars. Quite often, particularly with animals, the end result is devastating.

Out and About Locksmiths would like to stress the importance of never leaving your pets unattended in a locked vehicle. The temperature can soar inside cars at an alarming rate, way past the actual outdoor temperature.

Never give your young children your car keys to play with, on the off-chance they manage to get themselves into the car and be unable to get themselves out. Leaving children to sleep in a car while you do other things is also a recipe for disaster. It really is a risk you do not want to take with their lives.

This safety reminder is brought to you by Out and About Locksmiths Canberra, your professional local locksmiths.