Tips For Tracking Down Missing Keys

keys on bench with coffee┬áIt’s inevitable that at some point you will misplace your keys. Obviously, this can cause different degrees of panic, which is where Out & About Locksmith Canberra can come in and save the day.

If you aren’t locked out, but can’t remember where you put your keys, we’ve put together some tips to help jog your memory.

  1. Try to remember the last place you know you definitely had them. It may not be even the same day you lost them, but it can help you process the steps of what happened after.
  2. Go back to all the areas you’ve been since you last had them, or if you can’t physically go back then get in contact with someone else in that location to check if they were left there.
  3. Check the most obvious places first
  4. Clean up as you go along so you can see where you’ve looked
  5. Ask others if they saw your keys and maybe picked them up to return later
  6. If all else fails, contact a reputable locksmith like Out and About Locksmith Canberra.

Once you either find your lost keys or get a new set, make sure to take steps to keep them safe. We will cover this in our next blog post. In the meantime, if you have any inquiries or questions, feel free to call us or use the contact us form for unbeatable service.